Gardener Level 1

Gardener Level 1





1. Do one of the following:

(a) grow an indoor plant and care for it for one month.
(b) plant and raise at least one vegetable for use by your family
(c) grow a vegetable or flower from seed. This could be done in a pot or garden bed

2. Discuss plants that are suitable for your area and which ones you would like to grow and why.

3. Identify weeds in your garden and assist in weeding a garden bed.




Gardener Level 2 

Gardener Level 2






Do any four of the following:

1. Assist with caring for a garden, including vegetables, over a period of two months and record the progress on the plants and what you did, including ways you are water wise in your care.

2. Explain what a hydroponic garden is and grow some plants under adult supervision.

3. Make a compost area for your family. Explain what you use in the compost and how you work it.

4. Set up a worm farm to assist your family with recycling and composting. Describe how worms and compost help improve soil.

5. Learn how to prune and demonstrate pruning on a plant that requires it

6. Discuss the use of chemicals on your garden including weed killers, pest controllers, fertilizers and soil additives.

7. Prepare a landscape sketch for around your home, showing the trees and shrubs and the types of gardens you would have.