Scouting was first established at Joondalup in 1992 when a few leaders, cubs & scouts branched off from the Edgewater Scout Group. Initially the Group held meetings at Beaumaris Primary School until the Connolly Community Centre was built in 2002 and the Group re-located here. The first Leaders were Vince Di Iulio (Group Leader), Helen Graham (Akela), Bob Nickoll (Baloo) & George Burns (Kaa). The Group celebrates its birthday on 10th of November.

Michael Guile took over as GL in 1994, a position he held until he retired in 2006.  During this time he often acted as Scout and Venturer Leader to keep both sections functioning, frequently spending 2-3 nights per week and many weekends with the youth members. 

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Fiona Guile, one of the original committee members, who became a leader and continued as Cub Scout Leader long after her own son had moved on and even kept the Group running as Scouter-in-Charge when her husband retired and all the other leaders & committee members had moved on. Their dedication & selfless efforts ensured Joondalup Scout Group continued. 

Still going strong in 2020 we are always keen to hear from interested community members and parents who can get involved and benefit from directly contributing to a global family at a local level. 


Joondalup Logo


Our unique scarf is Dark Green with a 17mm Yellow strip 10mm from the edge. The emblem is a yellow grid symbol which is derived from the common native cycad known as the Zamia Palm or Djiridji in the local Noongar language.

This is the logo of the City of Joondalup, which kindly gave us permission to use. 

1st Joondalup Scout Group is one of 8 Groups in the Joondalup District which is controlled by the Western Australian Branch of Scouts Australia.