Joey Scouts (6 & 7 year olds)

Joey Mob meetings usually run for 1 activity-filled and fun-packed hour. The emphasis is on FUN.

Currently Joondalup has no Joey Mob.

Cub Scouts (7 1/2 – 10 year olds)

Cub Pack meetings run for 1½ hours. The emphasis is on FUN and learning by doing. There is an Award Scheme which features age appropriate completion of tasks, often during games & activities resulting in Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerang awards. Additional badges can be achieved in areas of interest to the Cub. The top award that a dedicated few will achieve is the Grey Wolf award.

Cubs are organised into small groups called a Six, under the leadership of a Sixer and Second. Adult Leaders do most of the planning of meetings, events & outings, but the Cubs have input through their Pack Council.

Scouts (10 1/2 – 14 year olds)

Scout Troop meetings run for 2 hours. The FUN and learning by doing are still important. The award scheme revolves around age and ability to achieve the Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer level badges and cords. There are also some 50 challenge badges that Scouts can choose to work towards. The top award is the Australian Scout Medallion.

The Scout Troop is run largely by the Troop Council which consists of Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders guided by their Scout Leaders. Patrol Leaders attend appropriate youth leadership training courses. Scouts are expected to attend at least one outdoor activity per month.

Venturers (14 – 17 year olds)

The Venturer program emphasizes having fun while encouraging teens to feel good about themselves, their friends and family, God, and the environment. Venturers helps teens advance their leadership skills and gain self confidence.

The Venturer program emphasizes activities which encourage Venturers to:

Rovers (18 – 26 year olds)

Once the Venturers turn 18 they can progress to Rover Section or offer to become Leaders. 
Currently Joondalup has no Rover Crew.