• AV2015 Roonka River
  • AV2015 Swimming with Tuna
  • AV2015 Roonka River
  • ASM Presentation
  • Campwest 2014
  • Campwest 2014
  • Founders Day Parade
  • Campwest 2014
  • Campwest 2014
  • Campwest 2014
  • Cubs in the Confidence Course
  • AV2015 Campsite
  • Campwest 2014
  • Cubs Water Activity Day
  • Group Camp
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Scout Uniform

All members of Scouts in Australia have the same navy blue uniform shirt, with the only difference being the change in colour on the sleeves and collar.

The Scouts Uniform shirts have the green highlight on the collar and sleeves.

All sections wear a scarf but different States, Districts and Groups may have different scarves or have a special woggle for you to wear, your  Scout Leader will let you know what your Troop wears and how to get one.

The uniform cannot be worn before the Scout is 'invested' or becomes an official Member of their Group at a special ceremony. At this ceremony they will also be presented with a Group scarf and woggle to wear.

Some of the things we have planned for 2015.

Term 1

A Scouts Journey is a trek into the unknown that should challenge the Scout and their Patrol. It is a test of their planning, hiking abilities, and skills learnt.

Journeys are required for each of the Campcraft Target Badges and have differing skill requirements.


A summary of what the Scouts did in 2014.

Term 1

  • Cooking
  • Senior First Aid Course
  • 10 & 11 year old Camp
  • ASM Presentation
  • Beach Party
  • Group Camp
  • ANZAC Day Service and Vigil

Term 2

  • Rottnest Invasion
  • Connolly Cleanup Day
  • Mindarie Scout Troop visited us.
  • Cooking Camp with Mindarie
  • Pioneer Hikes
  • We visited Mindarie.
  • Fire Station visit
  • Ice Skating

Term 3

  • Aviation Museum Visit
  • Nighthawk
  • Troop Camp
  • Leadership Course
  • Yanchep 10 & 11 year old Hike
  • Fishing Night
  • Campwest

Term 4

  • Connolly Cleanup
  • Rock Climbing
  • Dolphin Badge
  • Construction
  • Group Camp
  • International Cooking
  • Technology Night
  • Lombok Turtle Rescue
  • Movie Night

Plus lots more.

Can't wait for 2015..

The Scouts Cord is an important accomplishment that each Scout can earn at Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer Level.

The requirements for earning the cord are the same at each level.

  • Complete your Target Badge (Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer). This Comprises:
    • Your Campcraft badge at the respective level
    • Your Citizenship badge at the respective level
    • Complete one other elective target badge at the respective level.
  • Two Proficiency Badges
  • Patrol Activity Badge at the respective level.

Making Your Cord

Instructions for making your cord can be downloaded here.