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The Bronze Boomerang is the first part of your journey through the Cub Scout Award Scheme. 

If you join Cub Scouts around 7 ½ to 8 years of age, you will probably start your journey through the Cub Scout Award Scheme with the Bronze Boomerang.

To achieve the Bronze Boomerang Award you will need to complete 10 of the 14 set tasks. 

Tasks 1 to 7 must be completed but you can choose any three from the tasks numbered 8 to 14. 


You may do the tasks in any order, except for number 7 - Promise & Law - which must be completed last and be signed off by your Cub Scout Leader.


1. Health and First Aid             

a) Explain how to keep your hands and nails clean and why            
b) Explain when you should wash your hands            
c) Demonstrate how to look after your teeth            
d) Put together a small first aid kit and take it on a bushwalk            
e) Show how to treat a small graze or cut            
f) Show an understanding of how colds are spread and how to prevent them            
g) Explain why you need adult help in case of an accident            
h) Pass a message, including address from 1 adult to another            
i) Explain how to use a mobile phone & public phone and discuss the steps you would take to make an emergency phone call

 2. Safety           

a) Explain the Buddy system            
b) Discuss the causes of accidents in the home especially in the bathroom, kitchen & stairways            
c) Take an adult for a walk and show that you know how to be safe on the roads            
d) Discuss the dangers of swimming in your area            
e) Explain the dangers of inflatable toys in open water            
f) Explain what you should do to make sure you don’t get lost in the bush            
g) Discuss what to do if you get lost in the bush            
h) Discuss the dangers of fire at home and in bush            
i) Show what to do if you are in a fire at home            
j) Discuss why you should not go places by yourself           

3. Ropes           

a) Tie a reef knot            
b) Tie your shoelaces            
c) Discuss how and when to use the reef knot            
d) Show you know how to look after ropes correctly       

4. Outdoor           

a) Make a simple compass and discuss how it works            
b) Show 4 compass points            
c) Attend at least 2 outdoor outings with your Pack           
d) Dress correctly and pack own daypack            
e) Demonstrate the correct way to strike a match            
f) Prepare and cook a damper twist or similar         

5. Traditions           

a) Talk about the main characters in the Jungle Books, and know their names            
b) Tell the story of how Mowgli came to be in the jungle            
c) Tell who founded Scouting, where and when it began            
d) Find out when Scouting began in Australia & your Group            
e) When is BP’s birthday and what do we call this day           

6. Symbols           

a) Show you know the composition of the Australian flag            
b) Tell your leader two places where you would see the Australian Coat of Arms  

7. Promise and Law – complete last           

a) Write a prayer and read it to your Pack
b) Talk to your leader about how you do your best to live up to your Promise & Law at home, school & in your Pack            
c) Do a good turn for someone at home and tell your Leader      

8. Fitness              

a) Throw a ball 5 metres to someone and catch it on return 4 times          
b) Dribble a ball 10 metres            
c) Run 100 metres as quickly as you can            
d) Skip 10 times without stopping

9. People and Cultures            

a) Find out about one of the traditional owners in your area / State and tell something about how they lived before European settlement            
b) Make a list of ethnic groups in your community - eg at school, church or in your Pack            
c) Find out something about each of the 5 sections in Scouts Australia - either in your own Group or in the District            
d) Take part in an activity with a different Section            

10. Scientific Discovery - complete any 2            

a) Grow some seeds on cotton wool and observe what happens            
b) Identify 5 different rocks and tell where you found them            
c) Explain the composition of air and perform an experiment that shows how oxygen is used up            
d) Measure your hand and foot, use this to measure the Scout Hall, height of a Cub Scout    

11. Natural Environment            

a) Name 4 things that can be recycled and how recycling helps the environment            
b) Make something using recycled materials            
c) Help to clean up your local area            
d) Explain how litter can harm the natural environment            
e) Find out what native creatures live in the area            
f) Discuss how their habitats can be destroyed            

12. Self Expression - Complete any 2            

a) Perform a mime or skit with other Pack members            
b) Create a poster, painting, drawing or collage            
c) Write a poem or short story            
d) Sing a song or play a musical instrument for your pack            

13. Handcraft            

Make an item from one of the following materials: wood, metal, fibres or clay

14. Your Community            

a) Show how to keep clothes, toys and equipment tidy            
b) Talk to your leaders about how you do this            
c) Show where the local features are in your local area - nearest bus stop to home and den, safe route to shops            
d) Does your local community have a local paper? If so what is it called?