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Scout Link Badge

When you're ready to go up to Scouts, you go through the "Linking" process. This means you go along to Scouts (and continue to come to Cubs) for around 4-6 weeks, like you did before being Invested into Cubs. During this time you learn about Scouts - partly by completing the requirements of the Scout Link Badge.

Once you've earned this, it stays on your uniform right through Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. If you came up to Cubs from Joeys you'll already have a Cub Scout Link Badge.


Requirements are:

1. Attend four Scout Meetings / Activities.

2. During talks with the Scout Leaders:

A. Show a knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Scout Promise and Law
B. Get to know the other Scouts and Leaders in the Troop
C. Discuss the Patrol System and Troop Council (Section Operation).

3. Take part in an activity with some Scouts.

4. With your Patrol, complete the following:
Learn and be able to demonstrate the following knots:

A. Reef Knot
B. Clove Hitch
C. Sheet Bend
D. Rolling Hitch

5. Describe the Australian Flag and how to use it:

A. Hoist the flag
B. Break the flag

6. Know how to report an emergency:

A. Understand the importance of this
B. Know the first steps to control bleeding

7. Discuss the Scout Award Scheme with your Patrol Leader

8. Discuss the safety precautions of camp tools with your Patrol Leader