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If you join Cub Scouts around 9 ½ to 10 years of age, you will probably start your journey through the Cub Scout Award Scheme with the Gold Boomerang. 

However, if you joined earlier you would probably have completed your Bronze or Silver Boomerangs and would now be entering the third part of the Boomerang Award - the Gold Boomerang.

The Gold Boomerang is the last of the three Boomerangs.

The tasks in this part of the award are more challenging, but build on the skills you have already learned and are more suitable for a ten year old. 

To achieve the Gold Boomerang Award you will need to complete 10 of the 14 set tasks. 

Tasks 1 to 7 must be completed but you can choose any three from the tasks numbered 8 to 14. 

You may do the tasks in any order, except for number 7 - Promise & Law - which must be completed last and be signed off by your Cub Scout Leader.

1. Health and First Aid

  • Discuss personal hygiene such as showering, changing clothes and using deodorants
  • Show you understand the different types of food that build a healthy body by preparing a menu for a day at camp
  • Check and replenish or put together a small first aid kit and take it on bushwalks and outings with you
  • Tie a sling with a reef knot
  • Show how to treat burns and scalds
  • Show how to treat bleeding
  • Explain what to do in the case of fainting
  • Show an understanding of what can happen if you eat food that has not been stored correctly
  • Explain why you need adult help in case of an accident
  • Pass a message, including address, numbers and details of an accident, from one adult to another
  • Explain how to use a mobile phone & public phone and discuss the steps you would take to make an emergency phone call 

2. Safety

  • Explain the Buddy system and teach it to a younger Cub Scout
  • Discuss the dangers of poisons at home
  • Discuss what to do at home in the case of an electrical storm
  • Demonstrate the safety rules you need to consider when riding a bike, skateboard or roller blading. Show you can use this equipment safely
  • Show 3 methods you could use to help someone who fell into deep water and could not swim
  • Explain what you should do to make sure you don't get lost in the bush, and what to do if something goes wrong
  • Discuss the dangers of the bush that are appropriate to your area eg: weather, terrain, & poisonous creatures
  • Discuss the ways to reduce the dangers that cause fires in the home & bush
  • Discuss what to do if you don't feel safe with a particular person            

3. Ropes

  • Tie a reef knot, and know when to use it
  • Tie a clove hitch, and know when to use it
  • Tie a sheet bend, and know when to use it
  • Tie a bowline, and know when to use it
  • Make a gadget using at least 1 type of appropriate lashing
  • Teach another Cub a reef knot
  • Show how to hank or chain a rope correctly

4. Outdoor

  • Use a compass to plan a bush walk route on a map
  • Use a compass to set a simple trail including 6 compass points, for the rest of the Pack to follow
  • Explain scale and contour lines
  • Explain at least five map symbols and find them on a map
  • Using at least 5 trail signs make a trail for the Pack to follow
  • Explain about the different types of cooking fires & demonstrate 1
  • Prepare a meal for yourself and an adult including meat, vegetable and a hot drink            

5. Traditions

  • Explain how the laws and teachings of the jungle book are part of your life and the Pack's attitudes
  • Explain how Scouting began and talk to your leader about it
  • Draw the World Scout Badge and describe it's meaning
  • Find out when and where the next Australian Jamboree will be           

6. Symbols

  • Teach another cub how to roll and hoist the Australian flag in the correct manner
  • Show an understanding of the different ways to fly a flag - mourning, distress etc
  • Reproduce the Australian Coat of Arms and explain the meaning of each emblem
  • Name and describe the floral emblem of Australia and explain why it was chosen            

7. Promise and Law – complete last

  • Help plan and participate in a Scouts own
  • Discuss with your leader how you try to put your Promise & Law into practice in everything you do
  • Explain the promise and law to a new Cub Scout when you are talking to them about being a Cub Scout
  • Do a good turn by helping plan and take part in an activity which will assist an organisation that helps other people           

8. Fitness

  • Throw a ball 20 metres to someone and catch it 6 times on return
  • Kick a ball with either a place or drop kick OR shoot a goal with a basketball or netball
  • Perform a hop, step and jump as far as you can
  • Skip continuously for 2 mins            

9. People and Cultures

  • Visit a local site where you can learn more about traditional owners in your area
  • Find out about another country, show where it is on a map, how the people live, what they eat and clothes they wear
  • Find out about Scouting in another country - names of sections, whether boys and girls can join, something about their badges
  • Take part in an overnight District / Region / Branch activity            

10. Scientific Discovery - complete any 2

  • Explain the major organs in the human body and how they work
  • Perform an experiment that shows a chemical reaction. Explain what happened            
  • Explain what minerals and fossil fuels are, and how they are formed. Discuss the minerals found in your area            
  • Demonstrate how sound moves through air, water or a solid object            
  • Make a sundial and use it to tell the time OR            
  • Measure the height of an object, using the stick & shadow method            
  • Find North using a non-digital watch OR find south using the southern cross            

11. Natural Environment

  • Find out what new things are made from 3 different sorts of recycled waste
  • Explain the concept of the 3 R's - reduce, reuse & recycle
  • Help to clean up your local area
  • Show an understanding of the greenhouse effect, including what causes it and how you can help
  • State 3 other forms of air pollution, how they affect people and what can be done about them
  • Discuss how we can conserve our environment including water, land, forests and fossil fuels


12. Self Expression - Complete any 2

  • Perform a magic trick, juggling or a puppet show alone, or with the help of others            
  • Write a piece which you can contribute to a group newsletter            
  • Produce a series of preliminary sketches and a finished piece of work ready to display
  • Sing a song which includes verses and a chorus or play your instrument at a higher standard than at other boomerang levels            

13. Handcraft

  • Design a practical item and produce it using any craft method
  • Show the design and the finished work together            

14. Your Community

  • Show how to wash & iron your own clothes
  • Find out about 2 charitable organisations in your community and what they do to help other people
  • Take part in a local visit of interest and find out how it serves the local community            
  • Meet someone who lives and works in your area and find out what he or she does to help the community